Employee timecard

The electronic timecard system is an internet based service. In order to utilize it you will need to have a computer with internet access and the password that has been emailed to you from Alpha Rae Personnel, Inc. Please note that there may be some assignments where you will not be able to submit your timecards electronically, and in this case you will need to use a manual timecard to submit your time.

Using the Alpha Rae Personnel Timecard.
Once logged in you need to click on the “Timecard” tab. This will bring up a screen that displays the dates of week in which you will be entering time for and a tab that reads “Enter Time”(in blue). You will need to click on that tab to display the actual timecard for that particular week. Also you will notice the “Status” box, which will read “Draft” when you first open the timecard that will need to remain that way until the timecard is complete. We suggest that you log your time daily for each day of the week. Entering your time on a daily basis usually results in more accurate records.

Checking for accuracy.
At the end of the week you will need to double check your time for accuracy. Once you verify that it is accurate, then it is ready to be sent to your manager. To complete this, you will need to change the “Status” to “Submit” and click the “Save” tab. Once the status has been changed to “Submit”, the manager will be notified that it’s in the system and is ready to be approved.

Timecard approval.
Once reviewed by the manager, and the hours that you reported were verified, the status will be changed to “Approved”. Once you confirm that the manager has approved your timecard you will need to email Alpha Rae Personnel, Inc. to inform the business office that your timecard is in the system approved and ready to be printed.

Log in to the secure Timecard page.
Now you are ready to enter the Timecard system with your Username and Password to allow access to your files. Click here to view instructions on entering your Timecard. Once you have finished reading the instructions click on the “Login” button below to enter the Timecard system.